At the TYL Network, we offer a range of high-quality streaming TV channels that cover various content themes to meet your personal growth needs. From health and wellness to sustainable living, business to spirituality, our channels feature expert transformation leaders sharing their insights and secrets to success. Each channel offers a variety of TV shows that are designed to inform, educate and inspire you to transform your life. With our easy-to-use streaming platform, you can access our TV channels and shows from the comfort of your own home, on any device. Tune in today and discover a whole new world of transformative content.


Plant-Based Network (PBNet)

The Plant-Based Network (PBNet) is dedicated to saving the planet and the lives of everyone on it by helping people to learn about, transition to, live and share the plant-based lifestyle for a greener planet and better health!


Intuitives Network

The Intuitives Network features shows that discuss the ability to know or understand something instinctively and instantly beyond the rational mind.  Learn about intuitives including empaths, healers, psychics, and mediums.

Inspired ideas

Inspired Ideas

Welcome to Inspired Ideas - your ultimate hub for personal growth and success! Discover empowering insights through shows featuring international coaches, tailored for coaches, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs.

Rock You TV

Rock You TV

Do you have a mission to help others? Learn how to quickly and easily plan, build, launch and grow a successful "rockstar" coaching business that is truly aligned with your passions, purpose, experiences and interests.

EarthMatters TV

EarthMatters TV

EarthMattersTV is the integrated media platform of EarthCorp Foundation featuring shows, documentaries, events, and more showcasing how EarthCorp is making environmental regeneration economically appealing.

EnergyHealing TV

EnergyHealing TV

Walking With Healers: The natural world is an endless source of healing, wisdom, and soulful inspiration. Join an extraordinary collection of energy healers and intuitives as they share their connections with nature. Through their guided and channeled wisdom from animals, plants, and the earth itself, they will help you deepen your own ability to receive healing, messages, and spirit medicine from the world around you.

Earth Ascending

Earth Ascending TV

Earth Ascending TV features shows about empowering you to start living your best life now, while coming together to envision a world that supports and uplifts us all. It’s about heart-consciousness, magick / super-human potential, healing Mother Earth, rebuilding society, living a spiritual life in a physical body, and so much more.

EnergyArts TV (3)

EnergyArts TV

Introducing EnergyArts TV, your destination for Tai Chi, Qigong, and more. Explore transformative practices that enhance vitality, balance, and inner harmony. Experience expert instructors guiding graceful movements, breathing techniques, and meditation exercises for holistic wellness. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Role Model Maker TV

Your one source for positive and constructive education and entertainment for the entire family. We cover all facets of family life from health, relationships, and parenting, to pregnancy, child development, education, family finance, personal development, and more.


Legacy Life TV

LEGACY LIFE TV spotlights informative and entertaining shows to inspire, empower and celebrate legacies that ignite passion, purpose and joy in life.



StepForwardTV merges learning and entertainment, featuring concerts, trending shows, theatre behind-the-scenes, Series Regulars actors competition, homeschooling primer, informative showbiz personalities, young talent and modeling, acting, singing, and dancing with guest stars.

Mindset Soup

Mindset Soup

Welcome to Mindset Soup, the channel that has all the ingredients for a deliciously tasty life. Our shows are designed to inspire and motivate you by helping you achieve your goals using various tools, all incorporating mindset and the positive impact it can have on your life.

WeResolve TV

WeResolve TV

We get real about conflict resolution in all areas of life, from family and workplace drama to the inner battles we all face. Join us for some heart to heart conversations and a deeper understanding of conflict, connection and growth.

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Set The Bar TV

The Set the Bar channel will offer shows for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who envision the future of their businesses at a higher level. They want to speak on stages, explore partnerships, and expand their audience impact.

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